Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Year That Came and Went

Oh goodness.  I had not realized it had been 9 LONG  months since I've last posted! When you have a baby...the days just slip away from you. But I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately and am considering trying to see if there is enough life in it yet to get it breathing again.  I haven't had a lot of free time and very rarely get any actual time to myself but I miss writing and having that extra special something that is just for me.  So the husband and I are working on carving out time where we can each have quiet time for ourselves...I just hope it works...somehow Mommy always seems to be the one that gets shorted! :) 

Just to kind of give you an update of what's been going on...Lily turned 1 year old last week.  She really is such a  joy.  She's the happiest, most vibrant baby I've ever known and she is definitely the heart of our little family...even when she's grumpy and driving us nuts.  Lol.  She just started walking and within a week she went from just walking a little bit, to careening through the house at top speed.  It's amazing to watch the changes that come SO quickly.  And now that she's walking...the toys are no longer littering the play area in the living room....I am finding them ALL OVER THE HOUSE!  She has 12 teeth and has just gotten the hang of self feeding and eating table food and she loves watching Big Block Sing Song (for those of you who know what that is.)

As for me, the husband and I actually went into business for ourselves.  We purchased the Home Inspection company we had been working for when the previous owner retired at the first of the year.  We are blessed that it already had a steady stream of revenue coming in and that since we had been employees there before we bought it, we had already established great relationships within the community so the transition went seamlessly.  It's just that when you own a company...there is no time off.  I get phone calls and emails around the clock and the husband sometimes has to work through the weekends....add that to a small child and you time to do anything. :)  But hopefully things will get a little easier.

I doubt that anyone reads this anymore but if you do...I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive.  I know wonder about other bloggers that I'd followed for years. I'm fortunate to be friends with some of them on Facebook but others...well we need to be Facebook friends! Look me up! Lindsey Rice Hodges ! :)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm 3 Whole Months Old!!!

It's so fun to watch how fast babies grow.  Lily turned 3 months old this week and already she is smiling, laughing all the time, grabbing with her little grabbers and talking up a storm in her little baby babble. Love this girl.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm Growing So Big!

My sweet Lily is 2 months old! How the time flies....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Holy Moly, I'm a Mom!

Lily Belle was born on Monday, July 2nd at 9:58pm. She was 6lbs 13oz and 20 inches long....not to mention she has the longest fingers I have ever seen. This whole past week has been a complete blur...literally, I still don't know what day it is! But I don't mind, seeing this sweet face makes me forget about everything else in the world.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Any Day Now...

We are in the final stretch people!! I am no longer counting weeks....we are down to DAYS!! 16 to be exact! And none too soon, the very end of pregnancy is NO fun.  I'm swollen, achey and I waddle.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror yesterday and I swear I look like a know, "they weeble and they wabble but they don't fall down." Sigh.

The nursery is pretty much done and I finally hit my nesting phase yesterday so I've been cleaning the house from top to bottom in between breaks of having to prop up my cankles. Hopefully that means that Ms. Lily will be joinging us sooner rather than later.  Keep your fingers crossed.

We're about as ready as we're going to be, but I have to admit that I am terrified of the delivery and the mommy learning curve.  My husband keeps telling me there's nothing to worry over, women have been doing this for hundreds of years and my retort is always the same, "That maybe so but 'I' haven't been doing this for hundreds of years....this is MY first time!"  Lord help me.

The next time I post she'll hopefully be here!

Until then.....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

9 Weeks and Counting

I realize I've been away for quite awhile but honestly things have just been so busy! Growing a baby is hard work!

I'm 31 weeks now, so finally making my way to 8 months....almost in the final stretch.  It seems so far away yet too soon...does that make sense? I guess I just worry because there is so much the husband and I still need to get done and there seems like there is never enough time or as is the case these days, I don't have the energy. 

It's amazing the physical changes that happen with pregnancy, for one being that I easily feel as though I'm as large as a house.  I never thought I'd see the day where I waddled or that my husband would have to fork lift me off the couch...but alas, that is my daily reality.  But despite the negatives, there is nothing like feeling Lily Belle squirm around and kick like there's no tomorrow...she's always quick to remind me she's here. :)

Anywho, I just wanted to give a quick update since I've been away so long but I'll try to get on a bit more before the baby comes...if I can get the nursery pulled together soon I'll definitely post pictures.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's a...Foot?

So we had our 20 week scan yesterday and the butterbean was uncooperative when the ultrasound tech tried to get a good profile picture, BUT we did get an excellent picture of the baby's foot. :) Fortunately the baby was more cooperative when it came to finding out the sex and it turns out we're having a girl! I couldn't be more excited! So is my family...we have been dominated by boys for years so when they got the news yesterday, there were celebrations galore.

The husband is still insinstant that he doesn't want to know what we're having so I have to sneak things into the house and hide them in the baby's walk-in closet. We'll see how long he holds out. :)

I give him a hard time but honestly, he's the best husband a girl could ask for. He's so patient and sweet to me and I know I picked the very best person to not only be a strong partner but to be a father to my children. Who would have ever guessed 13 years ago that this is where we'd be?????