Saturday, December 3, 2011

You Can Call Me Mom

Well now I guess I can tell you the real reason I've been MIA.

On July 3rd I will be a Momma. :)

We're just about 10 weeks now and according to the doctor, everything is going perfectly. Little Bit has arms, legs, fingers and toes and a good strong heartbeat so we are immensely relieved and happy.

The only downside is that morning sickness has been the devil. I cannot tell you the number of days I thought I was going to die or have a permanent indention on my face from the toilet. One of those pesky little things your friends don't tell you is that you have to start carrying a bucket in the car with you. Ugh. I finally got the doctor to phone me in some meds for the worst days but hopefully I will only have a couple more weeks of this misery. I'm ready to get my energy back!

Anywho, so that's the big mystery. I've felt like poo and have had a hard time doing much of anything these days....but all for a greater cause. :)