Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's a...Foot?

So we had our 20 week scan yesterday and the butterbean was uncooperative when the ultrasound tech tried to get a good profile picture, BUT we did get an excellent picture of the baby's foot. :) Fortunately the baby was more cooperative when it came to finding out the sex and it turns out we're having a girl! I couldn't be more excited! So is my family...we have been dominated by boys for years so when they got the news yesterday, there were celebrations galore.

The husband is still insinstant that he doesn't want to know what we're having so I have to sneak things into the house and hide them in the baby's walk-in closet. We'll see how long he holds out. :)

I give him a hard time but honestly, he's the best husband a girl could ask for. He's so patient and sweet to me and I know I picked the very best person to not only be a strong partner but to be a father to my children. Who would have ever guessed 13 years ago that this is where we'd be?????