Monday, March 28, 2011

Serenity Now

As the manager for our medical practice, it is my responsibility to deal with our less than savory patients. You know, the ones that complain about everything. Who refuse to fill out paperwork, who tell you what they will and will not pay, who want to tell the doctor how to run his practice.

The ones you hate.

Yeah, I get those.

On St. Patrick's day there was a particularly vile, roly poly of a man raising hell with the staff so I stepped in between them. Right there in the front office, he and I had a little "Come to Jesus" meeting and I let him know what was and was not going to be tolerated and if he wanted to be seen, he was going to play by our rules. He backed down more quickly than much so that I was left walking back to my office perplexed. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.DAMN.


Anonymous said...

LOL He knew better than to mess with an Irish Lass

berly02 said...

Ha! Love those moments.

yrautca said...

Funny moment!

Phil said...

Is that an office mandated uniform? Do you work for Lucky Charms?

angel, jr. said...

Too cute!!
You have to laugh!! And you got your point across!