Thursday, May 5, 2011

For the Love of Coupons

Thanks to the husband's unexpected surgery, Uncle Sam and home buying, the husband and I are, for lack of a better the hole. So, to make the most of our pennies I jumped on the coupon band wagon and now I wish I'd started this ages ago!

For the record, let it be known that I'm not one of those crazy people who buy 93 bags of croutons or 114 bottles of Excedrin PM. I buy only things we will use and I'm courteous to other shoppers and get only what we need to get us by for a good bit instead of clearing the shelves.

I warn's addictive though.

The rush when you score a super good deal.

The absurd happiness that comes from watching to total go down down down down.

All the FREE STUFF!!

These are a few of the things from my very first venture last week. The retail price for everything came to about $71 and after coupons and sales prices...I paid $29! Not too bad for my first time out but wait til you see what I've got planned for next week!!


yrautca said...

Eating healthy I see! I kid I kid. Groupon sends me deals every day. Havent fallen for it yet.

Miss Ash said...

I just saw that Extreme Couponing show recently....please whatever you do, just don't do that!! You saved a lot though so keep up the couponing just don't buy 69 bottles of mustard!