Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Year That Was

One year ago today I was crammed into a too small room in the corner of the hospital, staring off into space as the doctor told my family there was nothing more they could do. I remember the sensation of losing all feeling in my body as I stared at the doctor's moving mouth and wondering why I could not longer hear him.

One year ago today...a piece of me died.

Death causes a sticky kind of pain that clings to your insides with ferocity. It's an overwhelming kind of pain that takes you by surprise and creeps up at moments you least expect. It's a hurt that I've learned to live with.

There aren't enough words to express how much I miss my Daddy or what I would give to have one more day.

Just one more day.


Breeza said...

I'm sorry for your loss xo

Anonymous said...

Im sorry for your loss. Losing your father (I lost mine to cancer) is such a hard thing to deal with ... even as the years pass there are moments where it jumps up and slaps you in the face again ... the fact that you can't turn to him for help... =(

Phil said...

I know your pain. I lost my mom 6 years ago and often when I do something I'm proud of or my kids accomplish a landmark I feel that pain because she isn't there to see it.