Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Work in Progress

I have just gotten my laptop and am awaiting the networking wizardy of a friend so that I can access the internet from home.

This is blog is still a work in progress so don't freak if it looks cruddy. I am slowly tweaking it and making changes and as promised...I should be doing some actual writing soon. :o) Assuming married life is as interesting as single life. *wink-wink*


yrautca said...

Hey I am the first to comment.

yrautca said...

And now that thats established, I hope married life is treating you kindly. Whats next - The Rookie Mom Chronicles?

Professor Fate said...

Hello Rookie Wife

berly02 said...


Princess Pessimism said...

YAY!!! I LOVE THIS!!! When I read that you were stopping your blog, my heart almost stopped - but I urged myself to keep reading, and was happy about the Rookie Wife Diaries.

Although - I hate that yrautca had to steal the glory of being first AND second....jerk

Linny!!! We've had loads of conversations over 5 years about life and love and guys, and when you said 5 years, I almost couldnt believe that it had been that long. Congrats on your new blog...and closing the spinster chapter of your life. :)