Friday, August 6, 2010

The Definition of TWO Rooms

I have a confession.

I am a married woman sleeping with three men.

I know you're thinking...WTF?!

Well, it's a funny story....

Oh who the hell am I kidding. No it's not.

My husband had a convention in Indianapolis this week and I came along so that we could get some 'away time' and explore a new city together. A couple of his friends were also attending the convention so one of them volunteered to take care of booking the rooms for everyone.

So on Wednesday after a 9 hour drive,the husband and I checked into our hotel room and then headed out to grab dinner. When we returned to our room a short time later, I stretched out on the couch....grateful to be free of the confines of the car when my eyes fell on a suitcase sitting in one of the chairs. I thought we left ours next to the bed. Didn't we? A quick glance to my right confirmed that my suitcase was indeed next to the bed. WTF? Only then did I begin to notice other things around the room that seemed out of place.

"Um, Jess...that's not your suitcase." He glanced at it and then turned his attention back to the TV. " Nope, it's not. Mine is in the bedroom." I spared him an exasperated look and said, "That's my point...why is THAT suitcase in OUR room?"

I could almost hear the comprehension registering in his head, "Ding ding ding ding ding!!!!!" He whipped out his phone and within seconds we are clobbered upside the head with a "Are you fucking kidding me?" moment.

The long and short of it...his friend is an idiot.

When the trip was orginally planned, the hubby said to his friend, "Ok so you got two rooms right? One for you and your buddy. One for me and my wife?"

"Oh yeah yeah. It's all taken care of."

Now, to most of us...'two rooms' would mean just that...two different hotel rooms. Be they next to each other, down the hall or on different floors even. However you want to spin it, the end result is the same...two seperate living quarters.

Little man's definition of two rooms: One hotel room equipped with two sleeping areas (ie: a fold out couch situated around the corner from a bed.) In case I have been unclear: IT IS NOT THE SAME F'ING THING!!! Oh-was-I-mad. So much for any privacy or easily attained vacation nookie.

Instead, I'm sharing a shower with a bunch of strange men...and before you say, it is not a woot woot kind of situation. It's a 'wear your flip flops in the shower' kind of deal.

Only me....


wes said...
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galapogos said...

Oh men!

We are not the swiftest people out there, but we're learning. Your patience is greatly appreciated. We will be much better, just give us a few more generations.

btw Lindsey, thanks for your comment. Sorry I had to delete my first comment above, but its difficult to leave comments on here because it only allows Google/Blogger accounts. It would be awesome if you could lessen the restrictions so I could post with my Wordpress account. I have no idea where this link is going to send people. Anyways, thanks again.

Professor Fate said...

I agree. A "suite" isn't two rooms.

Is it any wonder that some women become over the top control freaks? By the time most men realize that it isn't worth saving a few dollars the wife has been planning the vacations for years.

berly02 said...

How fun.

Lindsey said...

Oh crappola. I'm sorry Galapagos...thought I'd fixed that before, but it's fixed now! :o)

Miss Ash said...

Okay ..... seriously!!!! Wow I don't even have words...ugh!

Lindsey said...

I'll be posting soon! Our internet was down for about a week and I have been SOL. :o)

Seine said...

i'm totally with you on the SEPARATE rooms and privacy thing! it's not just you, for sure :)

Princess Pessimism said...

Why wouldnt you have just gotten another room?

Lindsey said...

# 1 All rooms were booked in the city b/c of the convention.

# 2 We already paid $500 for this room.

Wynn said...

That is the exact reason that I NEVER trust bf's friends with stuff in regards to anything that is involving me. I'm all over those plans like a fat kid on a cupcake and the second bf says "I don't know" I nag him until he calls and makes sure that stuff's working out.

Heavens, the things that could have happened if I didn't.