Thursday, August 26, 2010

WHOSE Bright Idea Was This?

So you know how I mentioned that I signed up for that beginners writing workshop? Well let me be the first to admit that writing because you have to is not nearly as easy or fun as writing just because you feel like it. God help me, I just thought it would be easier for me than it is.

Part of the problem is me. Trying to find the time to write when work requires that I’m up early and back late. And in the time after, I’m trying to balance cooking dinner, some sort of quality time with the husband and then work on the writing assignments. And hell, who feels creative after a long, crazy day? I don’t.

But I can’t blame it all on work. There have been times on the weekends when I’m completely alone in a quiet house…an atmosphere where you’d think would find me writing up a storm, but oh no kimosabe. Instead, I spend FOREVER staring at a blank screen. So then I get tired of staring so I’ll get up and wash dishes and then come stare some more. Play solitaire, then stare some more. Go grocery shopping…then stare some more. Are you getting the picture?

I don’t know WHAT my problem is. Why can’t I focus and knock this stuff out? I should be good at this! I THOUGHT I’d be good at this. Apparently I was wrong.


Our upcoming assignment will involve writing a 500 word piece…but I have yet to decide on what. What do I want to write about? If I’m struggling to write a 100 word description of a lit candle…how am I going to manage 500 words about something else????!!! Stand back people…I’m freakin’ out!

I suck.


Professor Fate said...


You don't suck. You are trying to hard. Deep breath. Now write 100 words. They don't have to be good words. You just need to start. You can fix up the words when you edit.

Princess Pessimism said...

you know you're a good writer - youre just forcing it. breathe, and talk about/discuss your topics that you have to write here, even complain about them...seeing it in print already may inspire you...

berly02 said...

It may not be panning out as you had hoped but you don't suck!