Saturday, October 9, 2010

Toot Toot For the Home Team

Alas, baseball season is nearly over.

Evenings spent drinking beer, eating peanuts and cheering and cursing at the field have always been a favorite pastime of the husband and myself. I’m even keen on a lively round of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” though halfway through I always find myself lamenting over that I did in fact, forget to buy cracker jacks.

This generally results in a silent, doe eyed plea cast in the hubby’s direction until he heaves a heavy sigh and makes for the concession stand, appeasing his wife and helping himself to a beer for his troubles. It’s win-win, see.

Now, I’m a firm believer in supporting your home team. Paint your faces, wear your jerseys, wave your giant foam fingers until your arm hurts! But…exercise caution if you are a fan in enemy territory. Many a rowdy, brash, drivel for brains rival fans have passed through the gates at Turner Field. The ones that made it out, left with a healthy appreciation for the passion and depth of home town loyalty.

Now, I say this with the utmost innocence. After all, what would a sweet, southern girl such as myself know about devious behavior? I’m as pure as the new fallen snow.

…Until you are a Philly’s fan standing behind me for the better part of an hour, cheering far too loud and far too long for any call that went against my Braves. Then a lady may just have to forget that she is a lady and come to her team’s defense the best way she knows how.

By letting rip a toot-aimed right at the Philly loving little bastards.

Manners be damned!

These are desperate times and call for desperate measures.

The heat that flooded my face after the assault wasn’t me having the grace to feel abashed…it was pride. Pure, unadulterated satisfaction washed over me as I spared a glance over my shoulder and found the enemy in full retreat.

The Braves may have lost that night. But I took home a victory.


steveroni said...

Sounded like for you, Lindsey, a 'WIN' situation.

A little anger never hurt a Peep. It's those dammm resentments!

Now, simmer dow, and

Steve E

Daniel said...

Wow... that's just harsh. :)

Anonymous said...

I've never liked baseball, and I have no idea why. It must be the Canadian in me.

yrautca said...

Ahhh..Turner Field..memories..

Once I went to see a Brave at Cubs at Wrigley. We were in the bleachers and there were only 2 Braves fans right behind us wearing full gear. Those guys got some real abuse thrown their way. I am ashamed to report that I didnt openly rooted for the Braves. I could have got killed if I did.

Christielli said...

Bah, don't listen to flowersintheconcrete about Canadians and baseball. He's from the west coast where they don't have a team. I am a proud lifelong fan of the Toronto Blue Jays (who did beat your team in the 1992 World Series *wink* and then did in your hated Phillies the next year). And we didn't have a shabby year this year either.

Hopefully one day we can make it to the World Series so that it actually lives up to its name and at least is representative of more than one country. ;)

And I know what you mean about opposing team fans being annoying if they are too out there. I was once at a game where there was a super annoying Oakland fan sitting behind us: every time the Jays caught a pop-up, he'd yell "routine!"

Princess Pessimism said...

i went to my first baseball game - and never heard that ballgame song. So i was shocked when everyone started singing...but i really got into it. I posted about it was quite entertaining

Jabba said...

Yes, don't listen to flowersintheconcrete - I too love baseball. I wish Vancouver had a team!!

I saw my first MLB game live this summer and boy did it deliver. It helped that the Mariners took on the Yankees and WON. Perfect game, perfect night, it was fabulous.

berly02 said...

The 7th inning is my fav. I have missed baseball the past couple of years. The babies make it more difficult than fun. :)

KT said...

Ha! I always root for my team even if I am not seeing them at home! It definitely creates some interesting situations, but luckily I have not been in a fight (yet). :-) I definitely have never been farted at....