Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Week in Deals

I've got a post planned for this weekend but in the meantime...I'm still couponing like crazy and am so proud of my stockpile! Not only have I cut my monthly grocery bill more than in half but I get tons more stuff with less money AND I was able to send 5 grocery bags worth of goodies to my sister and brother-in-law who just recently moved back from Florida and are on a really tight budget. Here are the really good deals I got this week:

3 Febreeze warmers with covers and 2 Neutrogena facial bar soap.

Retail cost $13.00 and I paid...ZERO!!!!!!

4 boxes of pasta, 4 men's body wash, 4 travel packs of dishwashing tabs,

2 pocket packs of Advil and 2 puppy nursing bottles

(being donated along with a bunch of cat food).

Retail was $34.00 and I paid ZERO!!!!!

Scored a bunch of Gillette Fusion Proglide razors (normally nearly $9.00)

for .16 cents each after coupon!! My husband loves these and I was able to

score enough that we won't have to buy razors for MONTHS!

Just in time for cold and flu season. I snagged 6 boxes of tissue for $1.74

and 4 bottles of Advil (2 of the 40 count and 2 of the 50 count) for FREE!


Lindsey said...

Grrrrr. Stupid blogger keeps putting huge spaces between my sentences and I can't make it stop!!!

Miss Ash said...

Okay how the hell does this work?? I've seen the TV show and here in Canada I don't think it's possible to do...but I live close to the border! How do I get all this swag, like free advil???

berly02 said...

Does this couponing take a lot of time? or just a bit of time? Cause I need to get on this.

Lindsey said...

It's super easy. I'll do a break down post to show you. :)