Saturday, October 30, 2010

Peeking Over the Hill

We’ve established that I work in an office but for the sake of this story, it should be noted that most of the girls I work with are in their early to mid-twenties, so at 33 I am the oldest of the bunch.

That being said, we’ve got this young guy whose had to frequent our office on a pretty regular basis here recently and he’s notorious for killing time by leaning across the counter and flirting with the receptionists. On the days he calls instead of coming in, he lays on the ‘charm’ by referring to the girls not by their names but as, “Sweetie…Honey…Darlin.”

Be still my heart.

My sister was the lucky duck who took his call the other day and I giggled as she rolled her eyes and pretended to gag. Come to think of it, at one point I think she did actually look a little green but in an act of true professionalism, she persevered and dutifully jotted down his message before passing it off to me to deal with.

When I called him back a short time later, I braced myself for the barrage of idiot pet names that he normally subjects the girls to. But as I finished up my little schpeel, do you know what he had the audacity to say to me? “Thank you…ma‘am.”

Ma‘am?? MA’AM!!!!!

That was the moment it hit me.

Oh my God….I’m OLD!!

I’m the girl they call ma’am!

When did this happen? Someone should have given me some warning! It’s not as if on your birthday you’re issued a new driver’s license labeled, “Over the Hill“ instead of “Under 21.” I mean, sure I may go to bed a little bit earlier than I used to and maybe my ass is just a wee bit wider that it once was…but so what.

When I got home I threw myself face first onto the couch next to my husband and whimpered, “There’s a young guy that flirts with all the girls in the office except me. ME he calls ma’am!”

My husband laughed and rubbed my back. “Aw, Darlin…That’s just because he isn’t old enough to know what a real woman is. It’s the difference between a boy and a man. Let him have his fun with the little girls, I’ll take you over them any day.”

Have I mentioned that my husband is pretty awesome? With that kind of sweet talk, peeking over the hill doesn't seem that bad at all.


Anonymous said...

This post first made me laugh out loud and then turned me to mush and made me say "aww!" :)

Seine said...

he could also just be southern :) down south, the grocery store cashiers always called me ma'am, and i was 18. we southerners see it a sign of respect ...

though i did quickly lose the habit of saying "yes ma'am", "thank you ma'am" in boston after a very offended lady shouted at me, "don't you ma'am me!"

i realized the term of respect had a different connotation up north :)

Lindsey said...

Trust had nothing to do with him being southern.

I live in the South and I agree with you...we are all raised to refer to everyone as ma'am and sir.

I wasn't offended by the general use of the term ma' was the fact that he called only ME that and everyone else was sweetie and honey. Sigh...I must be very old indeed. :)

I never did understand what the northerners found so disrespectful about it but I've heard that lots times before. That they actually get mad!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

My mum always tells the story of a day someone at school (a pupil, she was a teacher) said 'shut up, you silly old woman'

At which point my mother responded

"Less of the old"

That's one way to get respec' from the younguns.

Anonymous said...

Your husband is a smart, smart man! Also I get called Ma'am on a regular basis in my office (I work with former military) and I'm only 26 and a lot of the guys are my age or older. I have decided I like it though. They are showing me respect and while it would be flattering if this guy would be flirty with you too at least he is showing respect. Something that he's lacking when dealing with the youngers girls when he calls them the cute names. While I love flirting as much as the next woman I will take respect over it any day :)

Bathwater said...

I'd still call you darlin'! 21 or 31 either way your way younger than me :).

Amber said...

That was an awesome story. Your husband definitely sounds like a keeper!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog today. I'll be adding yours to my feed reader after reading a few of your entries. Gotta love it when you read a new blogger who "sounds" like someone you could be friends with! =)

yrautca said...

Well I think that 'ma'am in the South is not necessarily a term for a mature woman especially if said with an accent.

And your husband is no angel. Of course he got lucky with you and he knows it.

heather yalin said...

awww, don't let it get to you, your hubby is so right! i'm old enough to be a ma'am then too. and i know i wouldn't like it either. it's the same here, when random people start calling me señora instead of señorita... hmmmmm, could be the ring, or the big belly, but still!!!

Helen said...

I know the feeling, when the students stop causing trouble and start behaving and calling me ma'am...

This post really made me laugh!

Kat Wilder said...

Well, there does come a certain time i our lives when we gals are sorted into the "Ma'am" and "hottie category. Of course, we do our sorting, too. Any young man who calls us "Ma'am" goes in Ignore category; any one who doesn't goes into the PBT (Potential Boy Toy) category, assuming you're single of course. ;-)

Because, we really wouldn't be interested in the Ma'am types, now would we?

Anonymous said...

I have this realization sometimes that I'm no longer in the 20s demographic. Your husband is wise though! :)

"Just Sayin....." said...

I love your husbands comment.